Town of Westbrook

Job Title: Assessor

Application Deadline: Open Until Filled


Application Deadline Updated.

The Town of Westbrook is seeking applicants for an Assessor position (Union).

Under the general direction of the First Selectman, the Assessor discovers, lists and values all Real and Personal property prior to compiling and certifying the Grand List for taxation purposes while adhering to mandated State General Statutes.  Essential duties include:

  • Physical inspection of all existing, improved and properties under construction to determine values.
  • Adjusts CAMA to reflect increase or decrease.
  • Submits reports to OPM regarding useable and non-useable sales.
  • Resolves complaints relating to assessments.
  • Value un-priced commercial vehicles for regular and supplemental lists according to State NADA Guidelines.
  • Finalizing the Elderly Homeowners, Veterans and the Town Local Freeze programs in preparation of printing tax bills.
  • Facilitating the printing of the Grand List.
  • Submits monthly and annual reports to OPM.
  • Actively participates in the town wide revaluation of all residential and commercial properties.
  • Enter Personal Property Declarations and assist Taxpayer with the preparation of their declaration.

The position requires:

  • Thorough knowledge of principles and practices of property evaluation and assessment.
  • Thorough understanding of the State General Statues that govern Assessment and Taxation.
  • Thorough knowledge regarding exemptions for real estate, personal property and motor vehicles.
  • Ability to deal with town and state personnel and the public.

Special requirements:

  • Must be a Certified Connecticut Municipal Assessor and have a valid driver’s license.
  • Participate in continuing education classes.

A complete job description is available in the First Selectman’s Office.

Please send cover letter and resume (marked confidential) to:

Noel Bishop, First Selectman
Mulvey Municipal Center
866 Boston Post Road

Westbrook, CT 06498