City of Danbury

Job Title: Assessor

Salary: $130,000 - $135,000 per year

Hours: Mon - Weds 7:30 am to 6:00 pm; Thurs 7:30 am to 6:30 pm; Fri - Closed

Application Deadline: 6:00 pm, Tuesday September 1, 2020


Re-posted 8/12/2020

The City of Danbury is currently seeking a Tax Assessor. This person in this position will perform a variety of professional, technical, supervisory and administrative work in performing assessment duties imposed by State and local law. Responsible for assessing valuation of real, personal and motor vehicle property for the preparation of the annual Grand List.


Performs a variety of professional, technical, supervisory and administrative work in performing assessment duties imposed by State and local law. Responsible for assessing valuation of real, personal and motor vehicle property for the preparation of the annual Grand List.


  • Plans, directs and supervises the operations and staff of the department and administers/evaluates assessment activities.
  • Exercises all authority provided to, and meets all responsibilities imposed upon, municipal Assessors by local and State law.
  • Develops policies and procedures for the operation of the Office of the Assessor as necessary to ensure efficiency and implements directives of the City’s Director of Finance.
  • Coordinates and ensures the discovery, listing and valuation of all real, personal and motor vehicle property within the City of Danbury in a uniform and equitable manner in accordance and compliance with local and State laws and regulations; applies exemptions as permitted by State law.
  • Testifies at State Tax Court hearing to present data documenting and substantiating appraisal and assessment calculations.
  • Develops and maintains systems, records and documents that provide for the proper evaluation, control and documentation of assessment activities and operations.
  • Coordinate the activities of the Board of Assessment Appeals explaining how assessments are calculated: providing administrative support for the Board of Assessment Appeals using Microsoft Office to notify appellants of hearing appointments and results and to track assessment adjustments.
  • Develops and maintains current inventory of all property, including changes in ownership, new construction, alterations/improvements, subdivisions and property splits in related computer programs and property maps.
  • Researches and responds to government official, taxpayer and public inquiries and complaints.
  • Reviews exemptions for compliance with state statues: responsible for the administration of Town and State Elderly Tax Relief Programs; files reports on elderly, veterans, and all other reports as required by the State Office of Policy and Management, Town Ordinance, or Director of Finance.
  • Directs and coordinates the provision of information with respect to assessment appeals; assists the City of Danbury in proceedings related to protested assessments.
  • Directs and coordinates the calculation of the annual Grand List.
  • Reconcile the Tax Collector’s rate book with the Grand List prior to sending out tax bills.
  • Coordinates bidding and contracting for vendors of the City of Danbury-wide revaluation services, supervises Revaluation Company.
  • Prepares and presents a proposed annual budget for the Office of the Assessor and the performance measures of assessment functions; directs the implementation of the adopted budget.
  • Directs and supervises the selection, training, assignment, evaluation and discipline of Assistant Assessors and other employees within the Office of the Assessor; administers personnel rules, regulations, and collective bargaining agreements for the Office of Assessor.
  • Assigns, evaluates and trains department personnel in property assessment procedures; Coordinates, assigns and oversees workload for assigned staff.
  • Prepares, submits and presents narrative and statistical reports as required by local or State law or requested by Mayor and/or Director of Finance; attends meetings of the Board of Assessment and Appeals, City Council, Department of Finance Department Head Staff, and Mayor’s Cabinet.
  • Maintains positive working relationships with government officials, community groups, taxpayers and the public regarding assessment activities; promptly and cordially responds to inquiries and requests for information.
  • Attends training, seminars and conferences, and participates in professional assessment activities, to become and remain current on developments in relevant fields.
  • Obtains additional training and education in Appraisal and Assessment Laws and techniques.
  • Identifies and pursues funding and other resources; directs, reviews, drafts as necessary, and approves grant proposal packages; assists in the preparation, review and administration of vendor contracts and agreements.
  • Confers with Town Officials and staff, property owners, and the public regarding assessment information.
  • Reviews and recommends need for, and assist in selection of, private appraisal services.


Education and Experience:

  • Must be a graduate from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree in Real Estate, Finance or a related field.
  • Appraisal and municipal experience or equivalent combination of education and qualifying experience to perform the essential functions of the job in sole determination of the City.

Special Requirements

  • Must have a minimum of three plus (3+) years of supervisory experience within the last 5 years
  • Must possess a CCMA certification.
  • Must possess a valid, active Motor Vehicle Operator’s license

Applications and the full job description are available at the Human Resources Dept., 155 Deer Hill Ave., Danbury, CT  06810 or at

If you do not meet the above minimum requirements your application will not be accepted by the Civil Service Commission.
PLEASE NOTE:  Be sure to complete the application in its entirety by including your specific skills and responsibilities under each position that you have held.  Should you not specifically indicate that you have the skills required as defined above, the Civil Service Commission will not accept your application.

Applications are available online at  Applicants must submit applications which include a valid email address. Applications must be  submitted no later than 6:00 pm, Tuesday September 1, 2020.

The application must  be  completed in its entirety. Omissions, false, misleading or inaccurate information will result in rejection of the application.

It is recommended that applicants do not wait until the last day to submit the application.  Applications should be completed as soon as possible after publication of the announcement for examination.

Please contact the Human Resources/Civil Service Department at (203) 797-4598 or if you need assistance or if you have any general questions.