Annual Declarations


2018 PP Short Form  adobe icon  MS Word icon

2018 PP Full Form  adobe icon MS Word icon 

2018 PP Full Form – Fillable PDF  adobe icon

2018 PP Full Form  MS Excel icon

2018 MV Form  adobe icon  MS Word icon  Unregistered Motor Vehicles

2018 MVa Form  adobe icon  MS Word icon  Campers

2018 Mfg, Exemption Form  adobe icon  MS Word icon

2018 Mfg, Exempt Itemized Form  adobe icon  MS Word icon

2018 Mfg, Exemption Form and Itemized Form – Fillable pdf adobe icon

2018 Farm Machinery Exemption Form – adobe icon  MS Word icon  $100,000 Limit

2018 Farm Machinery Exemption Form adobe icon  MS Word icon  $200,000 Limit (Local Option)

Before using these forms, contact your local Assessor.

Many assessors have specific forms that are required.


Telecommunications Companies valued by OPM
Discovery and Pricing of Personal Property and Motor Vehicles on the Web
Sec. 12-40 Notice requiring declaration
Sec. 12-57 Certificate of Correction
Sec. 12-41 Filing requirement
Sec. 12-57a Leased Personal Property
Sec. 12-42 Filing Extension Request
Sec. 12-58 Filing by Traders or Manufacturers
Sec. 12-43 Property of Non Residents
Sec. 12-59 Stock of Corporations – Exemption
Sec. 12-45 Filing by Trustee
Sec. 12-63 Rule of Valuation
Sec. 12-46 Trustee Penalty for not Filing
Sec. 12-63(a)d Mobile Homes -taxed as local option
Sec. 12-49 Affidavit – When required Sec. 12-64a(b) Fire or Weather Event – Local Option
Sec. 12-50 Filing by Spouse or Agent
Sec. 12-71 Personal Property Subject to Taxation
Sec. 12-51 Filing by Holder of Encumbrance
Sec. 12-80a Telecom Company Tax Calculation
Sec. 12-53 Personal Property Audit
Sec. 12-217t Data Processing Equipment Tax Credit
Sec. 12-54 Examination by Assessor if not filed
Sec. 12-407(26),(27) Telecomm Services – Definition
Sec. 16-1(19) Telecomm Company – Definition

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