Retention of current events will prevent the loss of history for future generations


The Research and Historian Committee is seeking additional historical records, papers, photos, assessment personnel etc., relating to assessing and our CAAO. This data is being sought to assist the committee in its continuing efforts to document the history of the CAAO. Papers of interest may be sent to Joan Oros, Co-Chair, Research & Historian Committee, 1169 Flanders Road, Coventry, CT 06238-3311; or to any member of the R & H Committee. Your efforts in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Committee Members

Joan Oros, Co-Chair Walter Kent, Jr.
Patricia Hedwall, Co-Chair Robert Musson
Charlie Agli Jr. Joan Robinson
Charlie Danna Paul Slattery

Meeting Notice

Meeting Minutes

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History of Connecticut Assessors

Volume #1

Volume #2

Volume #3

Volume #4

Index for Volumes 1 thru 4

Abstract of the Single Assessor in CT

Articles & Publications

COVID-19 Report – August 2020

COVID-19 Home Inspection Report – October 2020

The CAAO Research/Historian Committee wanted to record the events for future generations.
We have asked Connecticut assessors to record their own experiences in running their assessors
office during these critical times. Listed in the report are the comments from Connecticut assessors.
The Research/Historian Committee sent out a flyer on the CAAO Hot Line April 21st and had it
on the front page of the May 2020 Assessoreporter. There were 14 questions. Not all of the
questions had to be answered. The listing of the town represents the comments from the assessor
of that town.

CAAO Research Historian Committee – IAAO Fair & Equitable Article – 2017

80th Anniversary Publication


January 14, 1935 – 2015

CAAO Award Winning Essays & Articles

Historical Q&A from the Assessoreporter Publications

History of the Fall Symposium

Dodd Research Center (UCONN)

Al Standish News Article

Historical Reports and Documents

Report on Replacing Windham Board of Assessors with Full Time Assessor – 1964

CAAO Membership Directory – 1974

CAMA Systems Application Manual – 2002

Blue Ribbon Commission on Property Tax Burdens – 2003

Report Regarding Revaluation Policies & Procedures – 2004

Index of Assessing Statutes – 2009

PA 490 Guide – 2010

New Haven Personal Property Tax History on Motor Vehicles – 2011

Photo Archive