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The Committee meets a few times throughout the year.  The legislative process is very fast paced with raised bills arising daily and the Chairmen, with the assistance of a legislative consultant, track all raised bills each session that are deemed assessment/tax related and send out regular emails to all committee members.  Committee members are responsible for getting that information out to their counties and assisting their county members with emails to legislative leaders when there is a call for action.  On the more urgent issues, a statewide email is used to alert association members immediately.

Throughout the year, the Chairmen regularly travel to Hartford to meet with legislators and/or the Connecticut Conference of Municipalities in an effort to offer technical assistance and ensure that all new legislation is workable from an administrative standpoint.    During the legislative session, the Chairman, or legislative consultant, will provide written and/or oral testimony on proposed legislation when requested.

During July – September each year, committee members will email county members and inquire as to if there are any legislative issues that association members feel should be addressed or considered by the Legislative Committee for the following year.  The committee meets in the fall of each year to review those issues brought forward and formulate plans for the upcoming session and then the Chairs set fourth an agenda for the (incoming) President.

Committee Co-Chairs:

John Chaponis –

Phone (860) 537-7205   Fax (860) 537-1147

Jennifer Lineaweaver-

Phone (860) 535-5098   Fax (860) 535-5052

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