Veteran’s Exemption Forms

Veterans – Dates of War adobe icon

DD 214’s on-line

Public Act 18-47 – Veteran’s Discharge Changes

Still in Service Form – CT Resident  adobe icon  MS Word icon

Still in Service Form – Non CT Resident  adobe icon  MS Word icon

Active Duty – Exemption Form for Additional Vehicle  adobe icon  MS Word icon

Leased Vehicle Exemption  MS Word icon

Certificate of Entitlement  MS Word icon

Military Spouse Vehicle Exemption

Gold Star Exemption Form adobe icon  MS Word icon

Military Spouse Residency Relief Act Form adobe icon  MS Word icon


Records Retention

Connecticut State Library Office of Public Records

Records Disposal Authorization Form

Records Retention Schedule

Tax Relief Claim Forms

Tax Relief Questions & Answers Booklet

Property Tax Relief  – A Profile of CT Local Programs

M-35B  Homeowners Circuit Breaker Program

M-36 Homeowners Elderly Relief Freeze Program

M-42b Disabled Tax Relief Program

M-59  Additional Veterans Exemption

M-59a Additional Veterans Application  adobe icon  MS Word icon

M65-MV Commercial Motor Vehicle Exemption

M-65-MV Application  adobe icon  MS Word icon

Tax Reimbursement Programs

M-35P Owner’s Program Reimbursement Reduction

M-35PC Owner’s Program Reduction Continuation Form

M-36P Freeze Program Reimbursement Reduction

M-36PC Freeze Program Reduction Continuation Form

M-37 State Owned Property – Payment in Lieu of Taxes

M-37 C&H  Colleges & Hospitals – Payment in Lieu of Taxes

M-46  Distressed Municipalities –  Exemptions

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Tax Exempt Organizations

Solar Energy/Geo Thermal Exemption Forms

Local Elderly Tax Relief Programs


To request these forms, contact your local Assessor.

Many assessors have specific forms that are required.