IAAO Course 402 – Tax policy

Course 402 offers student’s strategies for assisting in the effective formulation and implementation of tax policies and presents background enabling students to understand the context under which property tax policy is established. Students will be given analytical tools with which they can explain the effects of proposed property tax changes. They will be provided with a sound theoretical basis to guide decision-making and to assist in creating workable solutions for their jurisdictions.

The course is designed for assessment administrators and students of taxation, as well as professional policy advisors who guide and make decision in the area of tax policy on a regular basis.

Recommended: Course 101 and Course 102, Property Assessment Valuation (PAV) textbook (3rd edition)

AQB Approved: 33.50 QE, 33.50 hours CE with exam / 30 hours CE no exam

When: March 16th-20th, 2020
Where: Bristol Public Library
5 High Street
Bristol, CT 06010
Time: 8:00am to 5:00pm

For questions or to make your reservation contact Sarah Scacco 203-563-0123 or email to Sarah.Scacco@wiltonct.org

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