Town of Ridgefield

Job Title: Assessment Administrator

Salary: $39,276-$50,214

Hours: 35 hours per week

Application Deadline: June 20, 2018, 4:00 pm


DESCRIPTION: To work with the Assessor concerning assessment and property ownership.


  • Answers inquiries concerning assessments, property ownership, exemptions and special programs
    administered by the Assessor’s Office.
  • In accordance with the CT General Statues notify, explain, accept, and process Elderly Homeowners, Blind,
    Disabled Veterans, Additional Veterans, Additional Blind, and Renter’s applications for state and local
  • Process state reports such as reduction to Freeze reimbursement, reduction to Homeowners
    reimbursement, and other reports required by the Assessor.
  • Works with Assessor to apply Volunteer Fireman’s Exemption, Freeze, Homeowners, Town Exemption and
    Deferment Programs prior to tax bills being issued.
  • Review discharges filed with Town Clerk to determine veteran’s eligibility for exemptions.
  • Prepares and processes motor vehicle pro-rates and credits.
  • As directed by the Assessor, supervises assessment clerks to prepare personal property packages to be sent to
    all the businesses in Ridgefield.
  • Data Enters Real Estate Apportionment as required due to subdivision of property as directed by Assessor.
  • Reviews changes made by the Assessor’s clerks in areas of subdivision changes. Map line changes, as well as
    review new cards created by subdivisions of property.
  • Search Titles, read deeds, check maps, change field cards, and make new field cards as indicated for real
    estate property transfers. Split properties in event of sales or division of property.
  • Types press releases as required by Assessor.
  • Types Board of Assessment Appeals minutes as prepared by Chairman of Board of Assessment Appeals. As
    well as processing Board of Appeals correspondence from Taxpayers.
  • Prepares State reports on word and excel as well as any other reports as needed.
  • Corresponds with taxpayers regarding eligibility of motor vehicle credits and deletes. Also corresponds in
    regards to any real estate title inquiries.
  • Trains full time personnel as well as temporary help in processing motor vehicle credits, deletions, processing
    real estate transfers, preparing personal property packages and any other jobs needed to run the Assessor’s
  • Works with the Assessor in calculating personal property values from information as filed by taxpayers M15
    report and lessees report.
  • Processes and makes necessary computer input for real estate prorates. Supervises prorates for quality check
    as performed by Assessment clerks.
  • Process information that the Assessor, Assistant Assessor, and field person gathers on each new development
    or improvements on existing development. Split properties in event of sale or subdivision, sketch buildings,
    and input information in the CAMA system.
  • Works with the Assessment clerk in processing Sales Ratios and Building Permits/Co’s.
  • Makes site visits to elderly rental facilities to gather information necessary to process Renter Rebate
    applications, for the elderly who cannot make it into the Town Hall.
  • Works with Assessor to gather eligibility of old Assessor records that no longer need to be retained in
    accordance with the Records Retention Division of State of CT.
  • Regular attendance as required by the position.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Normal office environment with typical business equipment; ability to operate a computer; ability to interface
and problem-solve with the public.


  • High School graduate.
  • Minimum five years prior experience in Assessor’s Office.
  • Word Processing, map plotting, property assemblage, deed processing, preparation of computer input,
    knowledge of state reports, familiarity with state exemptions and their application process.
  • Computer proficiency in Word and Excel.
  • Equality CAMA software desired.
  • Ability to deal effectively with the public.

HIRING RANGE: UPSEU Level 12, $39,276-$50,214
JOB POSTING DATES: June 5, 2018 – June 20, 2018 (Submit application no later than 4:00 pm)


Fax 203-431-2328