Concrete Foundation Reports

August 31, 2016  – The Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection hired a consultant to conduct a scientific investigation into the cause of the crumbling concrete home foundations in northeastern Connecticut.  The report confirms the conclusion that the mineral pyrrhotite is a necessary contributing factor in the deterioration of the concrete. Authors of the report, Kay … Continued

Annual CAAO Election

Candidates President-Elect Thomas DeNoto, CCMA II, Assessor, Bristol Candidate Profile Information Flyer – DeNoto Melinda Fonda, CCMA II, Assessor, Stratford Candidate Profile Information Flyer – Fonda Secretary Pamela Deziel, CCMA II, Assessor, Wolcott Treasurer Lawrence LaBarbera, CCMA II, Assessor, Windsor Click here for an Election Flyer and a list of the Committee Members The election of … Continued

Non-Profits – Exempt Status

Dozens Of Nonprofits Denied Tax-Exempt Status As Towns And Cities Look For Revenue By LORI MACK, WNPR• MAY 1, 2018   As state budget cuts have left cash-strapped towns and cities looking for ways to recoup revenue, several nonprofit organizations have been denied their tax-exempt status. Assessors in multiple towns and cities are scrutinizing applications from nonprofits … Continued

CCMA Committee Member Appointment

DATE:   April 27, 2018 TO:   Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers Members FROM:  David A. Kalafa, Undersecretary Comprehensive Planning and Intergovernmental Policy Division Office of Policy and Management SUBJECT:   Request for CCMA Applicants for Appointment The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) seeks assessors interested in an appointment to the Certified Connecticut Municipal Assessor (CCMA) committee. … Continued

Western Connecticut Council of Governments Regionalization Report

Axiomatic, in partnership with WestCOG and its member communities, has conducted a study to determine the possibility for regional cooperation of Property Appraisal, and the viability of a regionalized Real Property Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (“CAMA”) system. A stakeholder kick-off web meeting was conducted on February 22, 2017, and an online survey was distributed via … Continued

CT Commission on Fiscal Stability & Economic Growth

Final Report, March 2018 PA 17-2 at Sec. 250 established a Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth to develop and recommend policies to achieve state government fiscal stability and promote economic growth and competitiveness within the state. The 14 private citizens appointed to the Commission present these recommendations based on a sober recognition that … Continued

CAAO Legislative Bill Tracking

CAAO Legislative Committee Website for tracking all pending legislation from this year’s Connecticut General Assembly CAAO Bill Tracking Website The site includes the bill’s title, a brief description, any updates including public hearing dates and votes all in once place.   Most useful is a link that will allow members to email legislators their opposition, … Continued

IAAO Fair & Equitable Article – Groton Tax Appeal

Judge rules in favor of Connecticut assessor An assessor, who applied a factor to equalize the assessed values of an upscale neighborhood with those of other residential areas, did not violate state law, a Connecticut trial court judge has found. The judge further ruled that the statute did not prohibit the assessor from using ratio … Continued