Forward by Charles Danna Jr., Retired Assessor of South Windsor

Crumbling Foundations Eastern Connecticut


Source Date Description
Hartford Courant 03/22/19 HUD money available for testing crumbling foundations
Hartford Courant  03/11/19 Condo groups eligible for crumbling foundation funds
Hartford Courant  03/09/19  Early legislation for 2019 and concrete issues
Hartford Courant 03/09/19 Various legislation efforts for this session
Journal Inquirer 03/09/19 Speakers at legislative public hearings say banks selling foreclosed houses without disclosing bad foundations
Journal Inquirer 03/07/19 Owners could have known of mineral ruining foundations
Journal Inquirer 03/02/19 Birch Grove School concrete is worse than expected
Journal Inquirer 02/27/19 Bill would help with school foundations
Journal Inquirer 02/15/19 Federal Budget Bill includes concrete study, pyrrhotite mapping
Journal Inquirer 02/13/19 Plan to cut state borrowing shouldn’t affect foundation fund
Journal Inquirer 02/12/19 Blumenthal & Murphy reintroduced federal legislation providing $200 M grant programs
Journal Inquirer 01/29/19 Type 2 claims are scheduled to start payments on claims
Journal Inquirer 01/28/19 Area municipalities facing loss of millions in assessments and taxes
Hartford Courant 01/20/19 Editorial having personal experience fixing problems and solution suggestions
Hartford Courant 01/13/19 Second of two parts comparing Canada and Connecticut handling of pyrrhotite issues
Journal Inquirer 01/10/19 Area legislators offer bills on concrete issues
Journal Inquirer 01/09/19 Two new insurance companies are volunteering millions to assist crumbling issues, but with conditions
Journal Inquirer 01/09/19 Insurance Co. that processes claims will be accepting applications starting Thursday Jan. 10th.
Journal Inquirer 01/07/19 US senate bill includes two amendments to provide information on crumbling foundations
Hartford Courant 01/06/19 First of two parts of how Canada has handled pyrrhotite issue