Tyler Technologies

Property & Recording Division
One Tyler Way
Moraine, Ohio 45439

Phone: (800) 800-2581
Fax: (888) 329-2587
Email: property-recording@tylertech.com
website: www.tylertech.com

Imagine partnering with the largest and most established provider of integrated software and services focused on the public sector. Our solutions are driven by experienced professionals and former public sector employees and are tailored to meet your office’s needs and specifications. We are connecting communities by empowering your recording, appraisal, and tax offices with industry-leading tools to break down barriers across offices, agencies, and jurisdictions — automating workflows, unifying data, and enhancing the efficiency of land development and property tax lifecycles. With Tyler, you can achieve streamlined operations, improved accuracy and productivity, and increased revenues in your office today.

For additional information, please call 800.800.2581 or visit us online at www.tylertech.com