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We Help Grow Your Tax Base

Revenue Enhancing Solutions For Municipalities

At Capital Tax Recovery, our mission is to help you solve one of the biggest problems that local governments face: revenue.

One of the primary opportunities to increase municipal revenue is by enforcing existing motor vehicle and personal property tax laws. Capital Tax Recovery provides revenue-enhancing solutions for municipalities at no cost to the current taxpayers or town. We identify unregistered or improperly registered vehicles or other taxable property. We then determine ownership and residency during a 90-day period.

We conduct thorough investigative research and evidence of residency so that assessors can confidently add the motor vehicles or property to the grand list. In addition, we work with your vendors for data entry and are the first point of contact for potential new taxpayer disputes and for any submission of evidence refuting the claim.

Collect the tax revenue due to your town. Contact Capital Tax Recovery.

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