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Form Description, Due Date, State Statute Reference, Penalty & Waiver Policy

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Tax Exempt Organizations

M-3 (CAAO) with housing    M-3 (CAAO) adobe-icon

M-3 (CAAO)-rev MS-Word-icon

M-4 Supplemental Form MS-Word-icon    M-4 Form  adobe-icon

Filing Instructions

Failure to file in a timely manner must result in the removal or denial of tax exempt status

Office of Legislative Research Reports – Veterans

2019-R-0166, State Veterans’ Benefits – Background

2019-R-0167, State Benefits for Veterans’ Spouses and Surviving Spouses

2019-R-0178, Veterans’ Property Tax Exemptions – Background

2019-R-0179, Benefits for Veterans Without Wartime Service

Veteran’s Exemption Forms

Veterans – Dates of War adobe-icon

DD 214’s on-line

Public Act 18-47 – Veteran’s Discharge Changes

Still in Service Form – CT Resident  adobe-icon  MS Word MS-Word-icon

Still in Service Form – Non CT Resident  adobe-icon  MS Word MS-Word-icon

Leased Vehicle Exemption  MS-Word-icon

Certificate of Entitlement MS-Word-icon

Military Spouse Vehicle Exemption Fact Sheet

Military Spouse’s Residency Relief Act Affidavit adobe-icon  MS Word MS-Word-icon

Gold Star Exemption Form adobe-icon MS Word MS-Word-icon

Records Retention

Connecticut State Library Office of Public Records

Records Disposal Authorization Form

Records Retention Schedule

Tax Relief Claim Forms

Tax Relief Questions & Answers Booklet

M-35H Application for Tax Credits – Elderly and Totally Disabled

M-36 Homeowners Elderly Relief Freeze Program

M-42b Disabled Tax Relief Program

M-59  Additional Veterans Exemption

M-59a Additional Veterans Application 

M-65-MV Application  adobe-icon MS Word  MS-Word-icon

Tax Reimbursement Programs

M-35P Owner’s Program Reimbursement Reduction

M-35PC Owner’s Program Reduction Continuation Form

M-36P Freeze Program Reimbursement Reduction

M-36PC Freeze Program Reduction Continuation Form

M-37 State Owned Property – Payment in Lieu of Taxes

M-37 C&H  Colleges & Hospitals – Payment in Lieu of Taxes

M-46  Distressed Municipalities –  Exemptions

Solar Energy/Geo Thermal Exemption Forms

Public Act 21-180

Instructions & Exemption Application

Residential/Multi-Family/Farm Exemption Form

Commercial/Industrial Exemption Form

Fuel Cell Exemption Form

Local Elderly Tax Relief Programs

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To request these forms, contact your local Assessor.

Many assessors have specific forms that are required.