Revaluation Changes – 10/1/2023

Pursuant to Section 7 of Public Act 22-74, the Office of Policy and Management would like to inform you of several changes in revaluation effective with the October 1, 2023 Grand List. The updated information and new schedule are posted on the OPM website Revaluation Date by Town (

The legislation aligns planning regions (Regional Council of Governments) into five (5) Revaluation Zones. The new five-year schedule coordinates the revaluation cycles of the municipalities within each zone and redistributes the number of revaluations to be performed annually, statewide. With the new schedule, approximately twenty percent (20%) of the municipalities are due for revaluation annually.

There are no changes to municipalities scheduled for a 2022 or 2023 revaluation. Changes to the revaluation schedule begin October 1 , 2024. In order to balance out the number of parcels done each year, some municipalities will shift a year forward or back, in order to reach the final schedule.

OPM Website for detailed information and printable revaluation dates list and zone map.