Governor’s Executive Orders – Assessment

Executive Order No. 9A, which renews and extends any orders that were to expire September 9, 2020, or that were effective “for the duration of the public health and civil preparedness emergency” or “for six months”, now to November 9, 2020. The new numbering series will reflect those Executive Orders issued pursuant to the September 1st emergency declaration (which renewed the March 10th emergency declaration) and declared new public health and civil preparedness emergencies related to COVID-19.  Any previous orders that had a specific end date will remain in effect until the specific end date noted in the initial executive order.

Executive Order 9A renews several important procedures in the Assessor’s Office that had been adjusted by several of the Governor’s prior Executive Orders.

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Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 9A.

The current declaration of public health and civil preparedness emergencies has been extended to Novermber 9th. Executive Orders issued pursuant to that declaration are extended as well.  There are a few items that the Office of Policy and Management wanted to draw your attention to:

  • Board of Assessment Appeals: Appeals set to be heard in September for Motor Vehicles are still on schedule.  The Governor’s Executive Order 9A extends the suspension of in person meeting requirement until November 9th.  However, there is no extension in place for BAA to complete the duties beyond the end of September.
  • Additional Veterans Application: The October 1st deadline was not extended or modified. Any veteran due to reapply for the 2020 GL must still submit an application and income documentation by the October 1st
  • Renter’s Rebate Application: The October 1st deadline was not extended or modified. Provisions are available for extensions under CT General Statutes.
  • 2020 Revaluation/Data Mailers: The data mailer provision is in place through November 9th.   After November 9th, provisions go back to what is contained in the Connecticut General State Statutes.

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