IAAO – Course 112

Sponsored by the Connecticut Chapter of the IAAO
Income Approach to Valuation II

This course is an intermediate level program designed for the practicing appraiser. It builds on the training of IAAO Course 102. An understanding of the income approach to value and practical experience with income capitalization are essential prerequisites. Problem solving requires a calculator with a power key. This course makes extensive use of financial compounding and discounting techniques. Emphasis is on developing financial factors by way of electronic devises with only slight references to pre-printed tables. Forecasting income patterns and property value changes are prominent variables used in estimating present values. Formula driven models are the primary appraisal tool versus look up tables and vertical calculations. Market value estimates through yield capitalization are the principal focus of the course.

When: September 16th to 20th, 2019
Where: Rocky Hill Fire Headquarters, 3050 Main Street, Rocky Hill CT
RSVP By Thursday, August 29, 2019
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