Connecticut Farm Bureau – Understanding PA490 Webinar


2024 PA 490 Live webinars

3 CEU credit hours approved


Two live webinars on PA 490 CT’s Current Use Assessment Law for Farmland, Forest Land, Open Space and Maritime Heritage Land

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Tuesday September 17th, 2024           6:00 – 9:00 pm via ZOOM

Pre-registration will be required.

Free for municipal assessors, staff and municipal officials.

Each live webinar will include a power-point presentation including, but not limited to, the following information:

  • History, intent, and statutory specifics of each of the PA 490 land classifications.
  • Supporting statutes.
  • Recommended 490 land use values.
  • Filing requirements for each classification.
  • The 10-year conveyance tax.
  • Tips on maintaining and transferring 490 classified land,
  • The appeal process.

Time will be allocated for questions and answers moderated through the chat function.

Registration will be open to municipal assessors, staff and municipal leaders as well as Boards of Assessment Appeals members, landowners, and anyone interested in learning about the law.  The presenter will be joined by staff from CT DEEP Forestry and CT Dept. of Agriculture.

Presenter: Joan Nichols, Executive Director, CT Farm Bureau Association

Office: 860-768-1100