CAAO Executive Board Meeting

Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers

Mary Gardner, President
Jennifer Lineaweaver, President-Elect
Lawrence LaBarbera, Treasurer
Pamela Deziel, Secretary


June Special Meeting Notice

CAAO Executive Board

Special Meeting Notice

Thursday, June 1, 2023

Virtual Meeting

Agenda  (Member Log-in is required)

Call to Order 10:00 am

New Business:  MV Pricing Oct 2023 Grand List


Here is the process to follow for this CAAO Executive Board Committee Special Meeting: 

  1. Exec. Board Members: You are required to email Pam on or prior to the meeting registration deadline as to whether or not you will be attending the meeting.
  2. All proxy assignments must be presented to the CAAO Secretary ( in original signed letter format 24 hours prior to the scheduled meeting time.
  3. If you arrive to this virtual meeting when the meeting is in session, please post a message in the chat section of the meeting of your name and arrival time and if you previously indicated you will give a report for your committee. For voting members, if you need to leave the meeting prior to adjournment, please indicate in the chat section that you have left the meeting.

These steps will assist us to prepare for the meeting.  If you have any questions or concerns please contact me directly at 860-441-6665 or