Concrete Foundation Reports and News Articles

Archive of Published News Articles   New Article 009/16/2021 Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) Crumbling Foundations Webpage September 30, 2021 Crumbling Foundation Testing Report (Town by Town report) August 31, 2021 Crumbling Foundation Testing Report (Town by Town report) July 31, 2021 Crumbling Foundation Testing Report (Town by Town report) June 30, 2021 Crumbling Foundation Testing Report (Town by Town report) May 31, 2021 Crumbling Foundation … Continued

NRAAO Scholarship – CCMA Committee

$600.00 NRAAO SCHOLARSHIP To be used at the 2022 Conference hosted by Connecticut. CRITERIA: Applicant must be employed in a Connecticut Assessment Office or by the Office of Policy & Management. Applicant must demonstrate the intention of pursuing the CCMA designation or CCMA recertification. Applicant must verify, by supervisor’s signature, that other funds for the … Continued

Executive Order 7M – Section 3 Extension of Deadlines

April 20, 2020 To: COG Directors       Municipal Assessors From: Martin Heft, Undersecretary, OPM Re: Extension of 2021 Statutory Deadlines under CGS Sec. 7-100l Under the authority of Governor Lamont’s Executive Order 7M, Section 3, I hereby extend the statutory deadlines of CGS Sec. 7-100l(b) and CGS Sec. 7-100l(c) by 90 days. The … Continued

CCMA Re-Certification

The CCMA Committee is now accepting documentation of credit hours for recertification of your CCMA Designation. Prior to the expiration date printed on each CCMA certificate, each designee must submit to the CCMA Committee an application for recertification, the $30 recertification fee, and proof of successful completion of at least 50 hours of approved assessment … Continued

Abstract of Single Assessor – 2020

In this report, the Research/Historian Committee of the Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers has compiled a list of the single assessors who were appointed subsequent to the local board of assessors in all of the 169 municipalities. The information for this report was obtained from the following sources: State Register and Manual, Assessoreporter, CAAO Rosters, … Continued

Advisory Commission Best Practices Guidelines COVID-19

The Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations (ACIR) compiled best practices guidelines to assist municipalities in their response to the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic.  The goal of this effort is to provide various local officials with solutions that meet local needs and are in sync with state expectations.  Guidelines will be updated as needs change … Continued

Municipal Options Survey – Final Report

Please click here for the Municipal Option Survey that Assessors completed in May and June 2019. Each of the municipal options that are being offered in every municipality must be approved by the municipality’s legislative body.  This can be accomplished through ordinance approval at a Town Meeting, a charter revision or by a vote by the … Continued

Western Connecticut Council of Governments Regionalization Report

Axiomatic, in partnership with WestCOG and its member communities, has conducted a study to determine the possibility for regional cooperation of Property Appraisal, and the viability of a regionalized Real Property Computer Assisted Mass Appraisal (“CAMA”) system. A stakeholder kick-off web meeting was conducted on February 22, 2017, and an online survey was distributed via … Continued

CT Commission on Fiscal Stability & Economic Growth

Final Report, March 2018 PA 17-2 at Sec. 250 established a Commission on Fiscal Stability and Economic Growth to develop and recommend policies to achieve state government fiscal stability and promote economic growth and competitiveness within the state. The 14 private citizens appointed to the Commission present these recommendations based on a sober recognition that … Continued