CAAO Executive Board Election

Do you have what it takes to represent our members?

Can you keep our organization strong and make it better?

Notify your county Nominating Committee Representative you are an interested candidate for the CAAO Executive Board by the last Friday in May.

Positions to fill:

*President-Elect*          * Secretary *          *Treasurer*

The election of officers occur in even-numbered years. The schedule is as follows:

March:  The President calls a meeting of Nominating Committee, CAAO County Representatives, to elect a Chairperson.

April/May:  The Nominating Committee solicits candidates.  Each candidate shall submit a petition and brief biography to the Committee.

Last Friday in May (May 27, 2022):  Deadline to petition for office.

2nd Friday of June:  The Nominating Committee sends the Slate of candidates to the Elections Committee, with no more than three candidates for each position.

2nd Friday of June:  The By-Laws Committee sends the Elections Committee proposed by-laws changes.

Last Friday of July:  The Deadline for write-in candidates to declare candidacy to Elections Committee Chair.

1st Tuesday of September:  Election Committee provides a ballot to all voting members with a slate of candidates.

 Voting begins the 1st Tuesday in September (September 6, 2022) and ends on the 4th Friday of September (September 23, 2022).

Printable Election Flyer   (County Representatives & Election Committee members)