Bylaws Changes – 2023

Committee Members:

                                    Pamela Deziel, Chairman
                                    Lucy Hussman, Co-Chairman
                                    Shawna Baron
                                    Steve Hodgetts
                                    Anthony Homicki
                                    Kathleen Thornton
                                    Stuart Topliff

The Bylaws Committee is recommending several changes to the CAAO Bylaws.  A copy of applicable sections of the Bylaws with the changes can be found in the Members Only Section of the CAAO Website under “Association Documents”.  Additions to are in an italicized bold red font.  Deletions are bracketed with strikethrough in a blue font.

The Chairman of the Election Committee has been notified in accordance with Article III, Section 2: Bylaws Changes and Article VIII, Section 1: Amendments of the CAAO Bylaws.  A ballot will be prepared and sent to the voting members no later than the last Monday of August 2023.  Each proposed change will be voted on individually. Ballots must be returned by the fourth Friday of September 2023.   The membership will be notified of the results by the 2nd Friday of October 2023.

You can view this file HERE under Association Documents  then choose the 2023 proposed changes