FAQ’s on CCMA Course IV (Revaluation)

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Will there be a test that must be passed for the new course?           

Yes, the new course will be a thirty hour course, with the test being part of the course hours.


Are there any qualifications necessary for taking the new Course IV “Revaluation”?

A student must have successfully completed CCMA Courses IA and IB to be qualified to take CCMA IV “Revaluation”.


What does “successfully completed” mean?

Per the new regulations, “12-41a-7 [(f)](g) A written examination shall be conducted prior to the conclusion of each course by the instructor or a Committee designee…..A person shall be deemed to have successfully completed a course if he or she receives a passing grade on said examination”.


Do I need to take the other three courses (IIA, IIB, and III) before I can take the new course? 

No, only Courses IA and IB must be taken prior to taking the new Course IV.


Will I need to take the new Course IV as part of the requirements for recertification?

The new regulations do not require Course IV to be completed as a requirement for recertification.


I have already earned my CCMA I designation; will I have to take Course IV to sit for the CCMA II examination?

If you sit for the CCMA II examination in 2018 or after, you will be required to have successfully completed the CCMA Course IV.


Will the new Course IV be offered as a “Road Show”? 

The Committee anticipates that the Course will be offered as a “Road Show” at some point.


Will the class size be limited? 

Each class size will be determined by the room capacity at the location where the class is held.


What will happen if more people apply for the class than the room has capacity for? 

Attendance approval will be determined on a “first come, first served” basis, with the exception of anyone who will need the class as the final course to complete for sitting for the examination.  Those students will be given a preference for attendance.