“PA-490”, Evaluating Land Proposed for Classification as Forest Land & The Ten Mill Law

Department of Energy and Environmental Protection

Please hold the date. On June 14, 2017 from 8 AM until 1 PM the Division of Forestry will hold training on “PA-490”, Evaluating Land Proposed for Classification as Forest Land & The Ten Mill Law in the meeting room at the Connecticut Forest and Park Association, 16 Meriden Rd, MiddlefieldThe training is for Connecticut Certified Foresters Certified that wish to become qualified or renew their qualification to provided landowners “qualified forester reports”.  The training is also offered to any town assessor that wishes to have a better understanding of the regulations that guide foresters while they prepare their reports.  This will be the only training conducted in 2017.  If you wish to attend training, please return the attached form by June 7.


Landowners who seek to have land classified as “Forest Land” on their municipality’s Grand List must present the local Assessor with an application and a Qualified Forester’s Report for the subject land anytime during the year but no later than September 1st through October 31st to be considered on the next upcoming grand list.  A landowner must hire a certified Forester who has been deemed “Qualified” by the State Forester to evaluate their land for classification as “Forest Land” and prepare a Qualified Forester’s Report which must be signed and dated no later than October 1st.

FORESTERS – If you want to become “Qualified” or renew your accreditation to evaluate land for classification as “Forest Land” and prepare Qualified Forester’s Reports, you must satisfactorily complete training from the State Forester, or his or her designee, in the policies and standards for evaluating land proposed for classification as forest land pursuant to section 12-107d of the Connecticut General Statutes. Upon completion of this training, a short examination will be administered. This qualification/accreditation is valid for four years. Information pertaining to the Ten Mill Law will also be covered during this session.

Click here for a list of CT Certified Foresters. Those qualified to perform PA 490 work are designated with a 490 in the row with their name, also listed is the date that the State Foresters office has on file for PA 490 qualification expiration.

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