CCMA Committee Member Appointment

DATE:   April 27, 2018

TO:   Connecticut Association of Assessing Officers Members

FROM:  David A. Kalafa, Undersecretary
Comprehensive Planning and Intergovernmental Policy Division

Office of Policy and Management

SUBJECT:   Request for CCMA Applicants for Appointment

The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) seeks assessors interested in an appointment to the Certified Connecticut Municipal Assessor (CCMA) committee.  Appointed by the Secretary of the Office of Policy and Management, committee members serve a six year term.

Due to a vacancy as of November 12, 2018, OPM is seeking an assessor interested in serving on the committee and assisting with the training, examination, and certification of assessment personnel. The qualifications for committee membership is that each member, other than the representative from OPM, be a person certified in assessment by the State of Connecticut and employed by a municipality in the state in a position relating to the assessment of property for purposes of the property tax.

If you are interested please forward a brief letter and your resume by July 1, 2018 to:

Mr. Benjamin Barnes, Secretary
State of Connecticut
Office of Policy and Management
450 Capitol Avenue, MS# SSSEC
Hartford, CT 06106-1379